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04/17/2017 11:22 AM | Anonymous


Let’s Start from the Top: CMS Quality Payment Program

If you are trying to figure how your practice fits into the next round of healthcare reform, look no further than this article. I am excited that CMGMA is part of the Colorado Quality Payment Program Coalition (COQPP).The mission of the COQPP is to raise awareness of the payment program amongst Colorado providers, organize education efforts, and create effective assistance for physician practices.

There are many organizations participating in this effort to eliminate silos across the delivery of care in Colorado.

To gain a better understanding of the program, the CMS has created a website to explain how you can participate. The program is essentially the two tracks of MIPs and Advanced APMs.  The goals of these programs are to provide high-quality patient-centered care, continuous improvement, and useful feedback from all stakeholders. Providers are eligible for MIPs if they have more than $30,000 in billings AND see more than 100 Medicare beneficiaries per year. If you participate in an Advanced APM, you are excluded from MIPs. Click Here to download an executive summary of QPP.

The COQPP is here to assist you in receiving resources and technical support as you continue to adapt to the ever-changing delivery model. The website includes educational material on how to find help in Colorado, and which representative is designated to serve your practice. There are many resources available once you determine the path you want to take, so please take advantage of the quality improvement consultants and grant monies available.

One of the organizations dedicated to providing resources in Colorado is TMF Health Quality Institute. They are tasked with proving consultants and technical assistance for group practices with less than 16 physicians. A couple weeks ago, Elaine Gillaspie presented to the COQPP  . Her presentation outlined the network of companies supporting QPP. TMF is happy to assist CMGMA and your practice as you gear up for your place at the table. This table is a resource illustrating the networks of resources that are available.

If you do not meet the criteria to participate in TMF’s offerings, check out the COQPP website as we will be updating it with more information as the network develops. CMGMA will also be providing more education opportunities to highlight the other components that comprise QPP. The moral of the story is that you are not alone; you just need to know where to look. I hope this article shed some light in meeting the mission of your practice.


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